The Man in the High Castle

pkdmanThe Man in the High Castle (review)
by Philip K. Dick
1962/ 259 pages
rating 9 / classic sci-fi (alternative history)

(This review contains no spoilers – the Notes section does –)

This book is only 250+ pages on my Kindle and PKD’s books and stories are complex and thought-provoking,  they are not known for being difficult reads.  So I expected an enjoyable little quickie-jiffy – HA!   I got involved.  I got really involved.  I read slowly, taking a lot of breaks,  savoring the concept, the themes, the plot and Googling a fair amount for background, context and specifics.  I didn’t want it to end so reading took me about a week with a couple other books on the side and ending up with a NOTES page as well.

This was written back in 1962 so it might seem dated to some readers,  but to me 50+ years ago makes it a classic and I get a little peek at what the world was like in 1962.   >>>>MORE>>>> 

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