Devil in the Grove

devilinthegroveDevil in the Grove:
Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys and the Dawn of a New America
by Gilbert King
2013 / 361 pages
rating 9.5 / nonfiction- crime

In suspense driven, True Crime mode King tells the story of Thurgood Marshall’s famous legal victory in the case of 4 young black men accused of raping a young white woman in the small town of Groveland, Florida, 1949.

It’s a great story and King uses foreshadowing, dialogue, cliff-hanger section endings and other devices to turn it into a page turner. Marshall going on to become the first African-American Associate of Justice on the US Supreme Court makes it even more interesting. There are usually no spoilers in non-fiction – the tale has often been told in the media or schools – but this is one of those times when I didn’t know the details of the ending and really wanted to let them unfold in King’s capable hands. Wow!!  >>>>MORE>>>>


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1 Response to Devil in the Grove

  1. Great review! Wish I’d grabbed this one when it was on sale recently. I’ll have to get it later based on your recommendation. Thanks!


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