The Eye of the Storm

eyeofthestormThe Eye of the Storm
by Patrick Whie
1972 / 608 pages
rating 10 / 20th cent Aust.

Elizabeth Salkeld Hunter is dying. Her children have come to pay their respects to the old lady in her bed in her Sydney mansion with round-the-clock nurses and regular staff.

Dorothy, now Princess Lascabanes, Elizabeth’s daughter, flies her pathetic divorced self in from Paris while Elizabeth’s son Basil, an exceptional actor, comes from England. Their father, Alfred Hunter, has been dead for many years so the family estate will be broken up and Arnold Wyburd, the family solicitor is present to assist with that.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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3 Responses to The Eye of the Storm

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    Thanks for the mention, Becky, it’s a great book: did you see the film?


  2. No, but I thought of how it might be done as I read, because I knew there was one. Great review on your site, btw. I botched my comment the first time so went back and did it. One thing you’re right about is this book, and Voss, need two readings.


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