E460~Women-Reading-PostersOh dear –  I don’t know how this happened but I’m currently “reading”  6 (six) books!   (Check the menu item above.)  I’ve had to put several of them on some kind of hold but there they are in my “currently reading” list so I can keep track.

I had some time between books – that’s a problem – I’ll get into trouble if I have much time.   And I thought maybe I could reread A Passage to India which is a reading group selection.   Then I thought that really,  The Glass Palace deserved a reread in print format because the other books I’ve read by Ghosh have needed that (audio is not quite enough). Well,  because of the discussion of Salman Rushdie’s memoir,  Joseph Anton,  on All-nonfiction I wanted to read The Moor’s Last Sigh and started that one.

I’d been toying with starting Jefferson: The Art of Power by Meacham for next month and found it fascinating although I’ve read biographies of him prior to this one.  What God Hath Wrought is an old start that was so slow in the group,  I just kept not picking it up but fully intend to finish because it is really enjoyable.

So at the moment I’m focusing on finishing Quiet by Susan Cain as a listen and A Passage to India in print (ebook).   I should be finished with both of those today and will get on with The Glass Palace,  then maybe Jefferson again and back to The Moor’s Last Sigh.  ???

This is open – I may want to dig into The Moor’s Last Sigh it started so well.

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  1. Oh Bekah, how do you do it … I can barely keep two going these days, and it’s not as though most of those are light reads either. (Just catching up after a pretty exhausting low-reading month which ended in a trip to Perth in early March for a job I’ve been working on)


  2. Oh Sue – I don’t have “a job I’ve been working on” ! (LOL!) My mom has been gone to the coast for a couple weeks with my sister so that’s left me more time to read – a bit. I’ve had some chores.

    I didn’t get all those 6 books listed above completely finished. I bombed out on a second reading of The Glass Palace – it just didn’t seem like it was going to work for me in paper format either. I did finish the Jefferson (in fact, that got me so interested I read 2 books on him – second is about to finish). And I still haven’t finished “What God Hath Wrought” although it’s a fascinating book. =

    But all the crime novels are light – truly. They even get a different rating system. I take my necessary walks and listen – if it’s a good book I keep listening after I get home – heh.

    You keep up your great blogging, and I’ll keep up my great reading! (big smile!)


    • I’m supposed to be retired as you know but over the years I’ve picked up all sorts of “jobs” (research for film productions, a range of academic jobs for a library school, and a digital archive project for a non-profit organisation working with indigenous people). It’s called the guilt of retiring early!

      We are thinking of visiting Southern California again next year – just thinking – en route to visiting our daughter if she’s still in Canada (or thereabouts). Will let you know. This year we’re going to Spain/Germany (primarily) and hope to meet Dvora.

      I haven’t read or listened to The glass palace — but I did enjoy River of smoke pretty much. I keep intending to read The glass palace but I suspect I never will.


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