Dumb Witness ~ by Agatha Christie

And this is how I forget to post about the  books I read.   I write something up but then I get on with the next thing before I post. OR –  I am too sleepy and just go to bed (that’s what I did last night).  And in the morning I get interested in other things. Like I need to go to the bank this morning. LOL!

Dumb Witness 
by Agatha Christie 
Read by: Hugh Fraser,  2012, 7h 19m 
(Hercule Poirot series #16) 

I’d been meaning to revisit my old favorite Agatha Christie with Hercule Poirot for ages and then this showed up in my sale list.

I’m so pleased to report that I totally enjoyed it, The ending was a bit convoluted and I must add I’d forgotten about the light humor in the Christie mysteries. I don’t think I quite got to them all but there were only a few left I hadn’t got to. I read what was supposed to be her book back in 1975 but looking at lists online I see it turned out to be her last Poirot book. LOL – I’ll have to see about reading some more.

The book opens with Mrs Emily Arundell’s death and her having a very new will.  Her relations had been staying with her shortly before her death and her companion, Willamina Lawson, seemed to know more than she let on.  

Arundell had a weekend gathering of family at her large older home (called the Little Green House) in the country where she lived with a couple of servants and a companion, Mrs Lawson plus Bob, her dog.  Later that evening she trips over what is thought to be the dog’s ball at the head of the stairs.  She lives but writes a letter. . 

Chapter 5 gets to Poirot receiving a letter from Mrs Arundell on whom an attempt at murder has been made – or so she rather confusedly alleges.  The thing is that by the time Poirot actually gets the letter Mrs Ehrender has died of another cause.  He and Hastings (his “secretary”),  set out to investigate. 

And it gets tangled in characters, each with their own story but all with motive. (A yes, I remember…) You might need to make a little character list for this – I did. Yes, I try to figure it out but I’m rarely successful with Christie’s books.

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