Savage Run ~  by CJ Box

Savage Run, is the second novel in the Joe Pickett series by C.J. Box. I have dipped around in this series,  but I’m ready to go in sequential order probably because I read Box’s 4-book Cassie Dewell series  (4 books) and loved them.  So I thought I’d look at the Joe Pickett books more carefully.  

Savage Run
By C.J. Box 
Read by David Chandler 8h 48m
Rating – A / Crime Fiction 

(#2 in Joe Pickett series)

Joe Pickett  is living and working near his home turf in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming – the northwest area near Yellowstone.  Just recently a a cow exploded near where a newlywed couple were spiking trees. Spiking trees is an activist action in support of saving the trees,  but the wife dies from injuries. Joe investigates and his own new wife Marybeth starts getting phone calls from someone identifying as her high school boyfriend. But wait a minute – that’s the married guy who just got blown up.  These are only 2 of the several people recently deceased thanks to peculiar adventures. 

It’s a nicely fast-paced book and Joe can be a pretty funny guy as can Box’s other characters.

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