Now Is Not the Time to Panic ~ by Keith Wilson

Kevin Wilson has definitely made a name for himself and his strange little novels.  He’s published five so far but this is only my second.  It won’t be my last.  

Now is Not the Time to Panic
by Kevin Wilson
read by Ginnifer Goodwin 6h 13m
Rating 8 and very fun! / coming-of-age fiction

Frankie Budge is 15 when the story opens with 3 brothers, 16-year old triplets, but very few friends. One day at the beginning of summer vacation she meets a boy around her age and they strike up a friendship.  Zeke is also kind of nerdy and they become close not sexual. Zeke is talented in art and she very much enjoys writing. So that’s what they do.  They both have absent fathers and their unhappiness about that bonds them.

At some point they fix up an old copy machine and after a few practice copies create an artistically dark poster and make many copies.  They hang the posters all over their small town and eventually get noticed, commented on, and start a scandal which develops into the chaos later called the Coalfield Panic

This is a really engaging novel and although Frankie and Jake are only 15 years old I’m not sire of it’s a young-adult read or not. I think maybe 17-year olds.

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