Strangers in the Woods ~ by Anni Taylor

I found this in the “bonus” collection from Audible so I took a chance because who knows?  I don’t usually read books which are advertised as “domestic suspense” and I don’t remember if this book was, but for the most part. that’s what it is,  Isla, a professional photographer from Australia,  arrives in the Scottish highlands, employed to take photos of the estate and family of Alban McGregor, a noted architect. 

Stranger in the Woods 
by Anni Taylor 
2018 / 
Read by  Harriet Gordon-Anderson 13h 57m
Rating: C / suspense thriller 

It turns out this family is seriously dysfunctional in part due to the abduction of a small child years ago. But Isla had no idea what she was in for – in many ways. Isla has serious health issues which include epileptic seizures for which she takes medicine. Her mother in Australia worries.  But Isla lands where she lands and has to deal with it.  

The blurb from most online retailers:  
Photographer Isla Wilson is thrilled she’s landed her dream job, but the clients who hired her are getting stranger by the day.It sounded so perfect – a month’s assignment at the misty, sprawling Scottish Highlands property of brilliant architect Alban McGregor, and his wife, Jessica.But deep in the woods, there is a chilling playhouse. Two years ago, the McGregors’ daughter, Elodie, died after being abducted and taken there. Alban refuses to knock the playhouse down, and he keeps a picture of it on his wall.Isla senses that both Alban and Jessica are keeping terrible secrets. The closer Isla comes to getting answers about Elodie, the more the danger mounts. And with a dense cover of snow now blanketing the town, all chance of escape might already be gone.

It starts out well enough with a youngish and single but ailing photographer in the Scottish Highlands. Then it takes a turn for the suspenseful, but rather unlikely, and that gets developed through twists and turns to even more unlikely scenarios and the conclusion.

The narrator is great with the accent being just right and is probably a large part of why I finished. 

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