Evan and Elle ~ by Rhys Bowen

This little murder mystery, #6 in Rhys Bowen’s Constable Evan Evans series, was way more involved and more fun than I expected.  After all my serious nonfictions lately I deserved some easy reading.  LOL!  (Not really.) 

Evan and Elle
by  Rhys Bowen 
2000 – 7h 13m
Read by Roger Clark – 7h 13m
Rating A- / cozy 
(#4 in the Constable Evan Evans series) 

Evan Evans left the big city and is a regular and highly regarded constable in the small town of Llanfair on the western edge of Wales.  What he’d like to be is a detective,  but that advancement keeps slipping by even though he is obviously the best candidate.  He has a girlfriend, though and likes the rural ambiance. 

In this story a new French restaurant has opened up at the edge of town and the cooking is supposedly marvelous. But just like a few other places lately, there’s a fire. The difference this time is that a body is found in the ashes.   Evans and Sergeant Watkins start interviewing and following a myriad of clues which lead them to France and some surprises.  

It’s a cute cozy with a good twisty mystery/thriller attached.  The town and it’s people are a huge draw. There’s a girlfriend for Evan and his co-workers are fine.  It’s the plots which will keep me going with thi so I’ll start at #1 which is when Evan moves to town and go from there. 

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