The Marlow Murder Club ~ by Robert Thorogood

This one is pure entertainment, folks.  I needed a wee bit. It’s another case of elderly people becoming sleuths. This is a rather recent development in my reading,. but I’m older now, too.. Okay – I’m 75 and have been retired for 12 years.   I loved Nancy Drew when I was 11 so the idea of senior sleuths now is right on time.  I think it’s great to have enjoyable books with characters I at least semi-identify with.  Imo, the Boomers have had another impact –  lol.  

The Marlow Murder Club
by Robert Thorogood
2022 / 
Read by Nicolette McKenzie  
Rating:  A- / cozy crime 

It’s a fun book, the first in a series,  featuring senior citizen women as sleuths.  The main character is probably Judy Potts, age 77, a long-time widow with plenty of money.  Judy lives in a kind of mansion on the Thames and keeps herself busy by creating crossword puzzles for the local newspaper. 

Becks, the first to join Judy in sleuthing,  is a very proper vicar’s wife.  And there’s Susie Harris,  a long-time divorcé and a dog-walker.  These ladies didn’t know each other prior to Judy’s neighbor being murdere but become the main sleuths in this new cozy mystery by Robert Thorogood.  This is the first book in the series and I’ll be getting #2 when it comes out.  The main characters are nicely drawn, the plot was twisty and clever and there’s humor thrown in along with a small sense of theme in the idea of “puzzles.” 

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