American Predator – by Maureen Callahan

I found this book mentioned in a “best books” column this week and looked it up on Audible. Lo and behold it was in the “Platinum account” catalogue.  Yay!  And it got into my Wish List right then, and a few days later downloaded onto my computer (but I listen on my iPad, too).  Yay!  

American Predator: The Hunt for the Most Meticulous Serial Killer of the 21st century
By Maureen Callhian
2019 (299 pages)
Rating: A++ / True Crime

First published in 2019 Maureen Callahan’s novel won some serious praise at the time – like that’s only 3+ years ago and I don’t know how I missed it, but checking for new True Crime books isn’t something I do regularly. I more likely happen to come across the titles at other websites.

Be warned – in spite of the hype, the book, especially the audible version, starts slow and kind of dull and the voice of the narrator seems a bit flat. But after I got perhaps 3 chapters in, it felt to me like the flattish aspect added to the tension in a way – maybe it’s a kind of texture. Fwuw, I really dislike over-dramatization on the part of readers anyway. 

And then, at Chapter 5 or 6,  the narrative becomes riveting so for chapter after chapter and hour after hour I was hooked on that voice, the crime, and the investigation.  

I’d heard nothing in the news media about this crime at all but I expected a good procedural at least  because the author, Maureen  Callaghan, is a reporter for the New York Post, Also, this book was reviewed in the Washington Post and got a lot of rave reviews all over.

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