The Fall Girl – by Marsha Clark

Not starting out the year on a high note. I’ve read 3 of Marsh Clark’s books now and enjoyed them well enough to finish, but they lack energy or something. The books are legal crime, naturally as Clark’s prior job was prosecuting attorney. And there’s a good who-done-it at the center.

The Fall Girl
by Marsha Clark
2022 /
Read by Marsha Clark and
Cathy Lepard – 10h 52m
Rating: B- / legal crime

Oh well … the last time I read a Marcia Clark I was disappointed, too.  

Lauren Claybourne has burned some bridges Chicago and found a new life working in the DA’s office in Santa Cruz Ca under her new name, Charlie Blair. She’s just looking for safety, but her drinking and partying aren’t going to allow much room for safetyt. Then Shelly Hansen, a local women, is murdered.  

Meanwhile the county’s top-notch prosecutor, Erika Lorman, is investigating the Hanson murder and coming up with information making both herself and Charlie uncomfortable about her old doings. Erika starts having strange physical problems.  This book has the makings of a serial – we’ll see.

I’m glad I finished it. For some reason Clark just isn’t my cup of tea.  I loved the legal aspect but much of it was so realistic as to be borderline boring and there were new characters popping in regularly. The readers (2) were very low key.

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