The Plea – by Steve Cavanagh

I thought I’d read something by Steve Cavanagh before but nope, after checking his older books it looks like I was in error. So I ended up reading The Plea which is the second in the Eddie Flynn series.  Okay fine.  

The Plea 
by Steve Cavanagh 
2016 / 
Read by Adam Sims 11h 55m
Rating: C+ / legal thriller 
(#2 in Eddie Flynn series) 

I wasn’t too impressed with it until about Chapter 17 out of 90(?). Then the story clicked in and it took off like thrillers are supposed to.  Adam Sims, the narrator helps a lot with increasing the tension. I don’t think I’ve heard him before and he’s quite good. 

But then, about 2/3 through (page 250?), the plot got kind of crazy with set-ups and double crosses, so it almost becomes a “who really done it,” and a “what did they do,” along with new characters and so on. Eddie Flynn, the protagonist, is a very sharp con man, the son of a con man, so I suppose it fits. (?)

The story is basically what happens when people in big and seriously corrupt corporate law firms decide they have to frame someone to get what they, themselves want, so they set up folks and then play a “plead guilty” game with their clients in order to get away with their own crimes.

It was fun to start out, but became a real disappointment.  

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