The Hunting Party ~ by Lucy Foley

This is a very difficult book to listen to. In fact one reviewer said of the print version that it was “confusing.”  there are too many 1st person narrators and many more characters all set in alternating time frames. Furthermore, in the time-tested traditional of who-done-it’s several those narrators are unreliable.    

The Hunting Party
By Lucy Foley 
2019 / 
Read by a cast 10h 8m
Rating:  plot A, execution  C

And it’s not just a who-done-it, it’s also a who-got-done and why’d-they-get-done?  

This is the story of a group of old friends who go for a week’s holiday around Christmas time and someone, according to the prologue, finds a dead body.  That sets up some tension right there.  But we backtrack through the eyes of alternating 1st person narratives to the beginning of the trip.  

Between the different 1st person narratives digging into their own past as well as the current day plus the alternating time frames it gets confusing. I’m very glad the producers used 5 narrators for it. The accents of some were difficult for me to understand.

I read this because it was almost a freebie, but had been in my wish list a year or so ago.  2. It’s a holiday-themed book – or sounds like it might be. 3 many years ago – (back in the early 1970s) my husband and I took a Christmasy holiday weekend with about 5 other couples to a mountain retreat in the Sierra Nevadas.  Great fun. Our trip was nothing like the book, but there was a hook sunk (several hooks) and I bought it and read it

So,  the characters are introduced on a train ride up to the cabins the group has rented at somewhat upscale hunting lodge. These folks are going on a hunting expedition .  – oh dear. They’re long term friends mostly from days at Oxford now in their 30s and all partnered up and some with a child. I had to write them out.

I tried to keep track of the characters by writing them down but except for a few, I still go mixed up.

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3 Responses to The Hunting Party ~ by Lucy Foley

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    Your comments about this book being difficult to listen to made me think: I wonder if writers will change the way they structure books to suit the audio book market?


    • Good question – perhaps a few will but … I think what’s happened is that the audio publishers have changed the way they produce audio books. What with more narrators getting more dramatic readings and background noises and so on I feel like they’re trying to make audio-movies. LOL! Yes.

      This is a peeve. When I read to myself, silently, there’s not a lot of drama – there’s “some,” but not much. I didn’t get an audio book as a substitute for a movie. I got the audio book so someone would read it to me. That’s it. LOL!


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