The Twist of a Knife ~ by Anthony Horowitz

I just kept going on to #4 in the Horowitz and Hawthorn series.  The thing about Hawthorn is that he gives nothing about himself away.  Horowitz is to write his biography but that can’t really be done without some knowledge about the subject, like his wife and child etc.  But Hawthorn is a detective, a very private one, and what he wants his biography written about is how he detects like Sherlock Holmes – brilliantly.  They’re funny books and the who-done-its of them are excellent.


The Twist of a Knife
by Anthony Horowitz
Read by Rory Kinnear 8h 31m
Rating – A / mystery – Private Investigator
(#4 in A Hawthorne and Horowitz series)

The Word is Murder is the first book in the series, The Sentence is Death is the second and after those comes. A Line to Kill and finally there is The Twist of a Knife.  (And I’m hoping for at least a couple more.).

The author, Horowitz, has written himself into the books as the 1st person main character which some readers love but others don’t like so much. And yes, there are a few souls (moi) for whom it took a bit of getting used to, but I ended up loving it.  It’s a take-off on his Sherlock Holmes books which were

This time Horowitz himself is the main suspect for the murder of Harriet Throsby, a sharp-tongued theater critic who will be missed by almost no one, including her daughter. Throsby gave Horowitz’s play a thorough trashing.  Meanwhile, sprinkling some salt on the wound, the arresting officer is (ta -da) Cara Grunshaw with her seething resentment against Horowitz. He calls his last hope, the one-and-only, Hawthorne 

Again, a long list of characters and easy to get mixed up.  There are time frames and personal relations and lots of tiny details for which Horowitz is known, but at this point I think of huge interest to readers are the secrets of Daniel Hawthorne.

Now at some point I’ve got to read the more direct Sherlock Holmes spins.  

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2 Responses to The Twist of a Knife ~ by Anthony Horowitz

  1. Helen says:

    I enjoyed all four books in this series. It does take a while to get used to Horowitz being one of the characters, but I think it’s a very clever idea. I hope we learn more about Daniel Hawthorne in the next book!


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