The Trial~ by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

I found this novella on sale at Audible. I guess  I’m trained to buy Women’s Murder Club books as the next one emcees up.  LOL!  The last one was really gross though. Too much graphic fem-jeopardy. But apparently The Trial comes between #s 17 and 18 which is the grizzly one.  

The Trial by James Patterson and Maxine Praeto
read by January LaVoy 2h 26m
rating – A / crime novella
Women’s Murder Club #17.5

Picking up on novella # 17.5 (a “, The Trial, Joe and Lindsay separated, but never filed for divorce and now they’re living separately, but I know that in #18 they’ll be together again.  (And I’ll be all set for #23 which doesn’t hit the stands until May – I started with #18 and went back to #1 then skipping to 4 for Paetro’s writing and continued. This is my last catch-up book unless I find some other unexpected novella. 

Anyway – it looks like Kingfisher, the arch-criminal who apparently got away in an earlier novel is on the loose. This means plenty of blood and mayhem.  

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