Unlucky 13 ~ James Patterson and Maxine Paetro   

I’d promised myself I’d go back and pick this one up and I forgot but then I found the book again and read it anyway. And I found that note to self even later.  

Unlucky 13
by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro   
2016 / 
Read by January LaVoy
Rating: A- / crime procedural 

There’s some gory crime in it but it’s exciting. 1. This time we have a female serial killer – she’s certifiably nuts. 2. in the second plot people are exploding from because they eat something from a certain chain fast food place. 3. A cruise ship up by Alaska has been taken over by pirates and lots of people die. 4. Finally, a woman who is not nuts but is pretending she is, has killed her husband in front of their kids.  Stuff happens fast.  

The crime plots here are great but there’s too much romance. 

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