Grave Reservations ~ by Cherie Priest

This was on sale at Audible and it sounded better than what else I was thinking of for now at the moment. I need space between good literature and good nonfiction because they can be exhausting. The New York Times said Grave Reservations was “delightful.”  (It’s available via Kindle Unlimited, too.)

Grave Reservations  
By Cherie Priest 

2021 / (300 pages)
Read by Ulka Simone Mohanty 8h 49m
Rating B- / crime 

A police detective narrowly misses his flight out of Florida and watches it explode on the runway. A travel agent who may have psychic talents had dissuaded him from boarding.  He realizes he can use her in his current older case and they go from there.  As it happens the travel agent’s fiancé was killed a few years prior and his killer was never apprehended and that turns out to be their main case. 

The writing is mediocre with too many irrelevant metaphors. The author tries to be funny but it’s mostly the humor of 20-somethings.  Just not my cuppa. 

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