Over My Dead Body ~ by Jeffrey Archer

Now Chief Detective Inspector William Warwick and his wife Beth are on a cruise taking a break from the London scene where the Unsolved Murders Unit has established a particular batch of gang-style murders as a priority. Ross Hogan who is back in the unit and The Hawk who is in charge, really want these solved.

Over My Dead Body  
by Jeffrey Archer 

2021 / (354 pp)
Read by George Blagden 9h 40m
Rating B+ / thriller 
(4th in the William Warick series) 

On the cruise another murder occurs, this time it’s Frasier Buchanan, the patriarch of a wealthy shipping family in which there are some trust and relationship problems. 

Meanwhile, William discovers that Booth Watson, the old attorney, is still actively working for his old client, Miles Faulkner , who is supposedly deceased and buried in Brussels. Because Miles is NOT dead. He escaped from prison and is going somewhere to hide for awhile as part of an intricate play devised by his attorney. He’s also is marrying his wife for a second time because she knows he’s alive. 

And then there’s This is mostly a thriller with not a lot of police procedural or courtroom drama at all.  There’s the who-done-it of the family mogul and the gangland shootings of the unsolved cases, but mostly it’s globe-trotting chase scenes and high-end intrigue which make up this novel.

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