Murder on Marble Row ~ by Victoria Thompson

 Gregory Van Dyke, a very rich industrialist of turn-of-the-century New York City, is killed in an explosion.  Frank Malloy, a city detective and a main character in this series, is asked by Teddy Roosevelt, the police commissioner, to find the killers. It’s feared they could be anarchists, but before too long there’s another murder. 

Murder on Marble Row 
by Victoria Thompson 

Read by Callie Beaulieu 8h 12m
Rating B / hist fict – mystery 

Sarah Brandt, the other protagonist of the series, is with her mother paying condolences to the Van Dykes family. She and Frank are surprised to see each other but Sarah will work with it and Frank, who is in love with her, will go along.  Sarah is normally a midwife who, years ago, had a falling out with her family, but there is an issue with pregnancy in the Van Dyke family as well.  

Brian, Frank’s young mute son, has a brief scene. 

The plot involves several suspects with varying motives involving wills and love entanglements and job security – the usual upsets. Nevertheless, the characters become endearing. 

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