All For Nothing ~ by Walter Kampowski

I didn’t realize it until half-way through Bloodlands,  but I read All For Nothing back in 2018. I thought it was longer ago than that and didn’t check my blog but there it is and gave it a 9.5 which is an anticipated 10 if I read it a second time.

All For Nothing
by Walter Kempowski

(translated by Althea Bell 2006)
Read by Grover Gardner – 11h 20m
First published 2003 / 352 pages
Rating: 10 historical fiction
(Read and listened.) 

I only read it on Kindle back then because it wasn’t available at Audible as it is now. My opinion hasn’t changed and I think the reader, one of my favorites, adds to the mood, the ambiance. I read and listened this time. 

What was added was my knowledge of what was going on around the von Globig family and with their Georgenhof mansion on the road between Russia and Berlin. So Germans are refugees from their homeland which Russia is taking over.  I knew very, very generally but just recently read (and studied actually)the excellent book Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder (see review).  

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