The Tenant ~ by Katrine Engberg

I had this in my Wish List for some reason and then it went on sale. Sometimes things just don’t work out. After bouncing between thinking pretty good and not good, I really didn’t care for it – not overall.

The Tenant
by Katrine Engberg 

(Translated from the Danish byTara Chace) 
2020 / (368 pgs print)
Read by Graeme Malcolm 10h 21m
Rating: C- / gritty crime procedural
(Jeppe Kørner & Anette Werner series #1)

The Tenant is a bit over the top grit-wise even for Scandi-noir. Also, the narrator was difficult to get used to. After awhile the book was okay, then it got good for awhile and then a little over half way it got tedious. If it had been any less compelling I would have dropped it mid-way. In the end I think it was the narrator that kept me going because I got used to him.

Note that for the most part this is NOT a thriller. The pacing is steady and  deliberative and it works for awhile but then lags. It took me awhile to get into the groove and then I lost it again. I was glad when it finally finished up.

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