This Will Not Pass ~ by Jonathan Marin and Alexander Burns

I’d been waiting for this book for about a week and got it a few days ago, the day it was released.  🙂  It certainly has been getting some play on MSNBC.  Sad to say, I’m about half disappointed with it. I;m actually disappointed with the first half of it which is a rehash of what I knew plus a few added tidbits. I guess I fell for the hype.  It sticks pretty much to mainstream politics of the subtitle – no Proud Boys info and so on.  

This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future
By Jonathan Marin and Alexander Burns

2022 / (472 pages)
Read by Dennis Boutsikaris 15h 12m
Rating:  7 / politics 

But the second half is concerned with material I didn’t really follow as it was happening.  From Biden setting up his Cabinet, etc, McConnell working his way back to Republican control of the Senate (consider Manchin),  and Biden’s difficulties with his agenda it was a rough year. Congress was not a friendly place for folks whose candidate had beaten Trump, Liz Cheney was a pariah to some while Manchin and Sinema seemed not to be Democrats. 

And Kamala Harris comes in for some criticism, too. It’s uncomfortable for me to listen to this, but then, I’ve criticized her from time to time, too.  It just seems like Harris got panned if she did anything and panned if she didn’t – and she mostly didn’t do much except have troubles with her own office management.    

Would Biden’s agenda determine the future or would it get derailed in the Infrastructure Bill and Reconciliation attempts.  Manchin and Sinema refused to budge but also refused to switch parties.  The Investigation of January 6 insurrection goes on in that committee. And so we approach the 2022 elections with Biden faltering, McCarthy more inept, McConnell aging, and the culture wars going continuing with new blood in Congress and, unbeknownst to the authors, the Supreme Court leaking their ideas.  And after that will come the 2024 elections – sigh. 

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