The History of Ancient Egypt ~ by Bob Brier

I got this simply because it was available as a freebie (to Premium subscribers) and I’d become interested in the subject since I read The Writing of the Gods by Edward Dolnick

The History of Ancient Egypt
by Bob Brier

2013 / 
Read by author 24h 25m
Rating:  9 / history of ancient Egypt
(Great Books Series)

I was expecting a series of rather boringly told lectures about an interesting subject, but I was wrong there. Brier is an excellent lecturer and he’s got some  fascinating material to work with.  He does go a bit fast. 

The book goes from a chapter on pre-historical background through the early decades of nationhood and the first centuries of dynasty.  Then comes the new kingdom and the times of foreign rule and finally the declining dynasties right down to the 29th Dynasty, the Ptolemies and Cleopatra. Tombs and pyramids are built, wars are fought and alliances are made, cuneiform is developed, religions are preached and medicine is used. 

But it’s a tale of 3000 years so there’s bound to be a lot crammed in there.  It’s dense and I could stand to reread it but … 

The book is very long, though and the pdf file which comes with it is 162 pages long! So it occasionally gets repetitive.  

If you’re interested, this book is terrific. 

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