The 8th Confession ~ by James Patterson/Maxine Paetro

It took me a few minutes but I actually did feel like I was ready for another Paetro book.  First I tried 21st Birthday but I’d read it already. So I got The 8th Confession .   

The 8th Confession 
By James Patterson/Maxine Paetro

2009 / (369 pp) 
Read by January LeVoy 8h 50m
Rating: B+  / crime – procedural (#8 in the Women’s Murder Club Series)

A bus explodes and about the same time a pedestrian nick-named Bag-man Jesus is found dead. An apparently very upscale couple is bludgeoned in their bed – the woman lives and we read about the end of a trial. Then the body of a rich single woman is found.  There are five victims following the pattern and there’s an almost matching historical event, too.   The plot here is good but …  

First, I actively dislike this much sex and romance in books. 
Second, the music playing in the background is annoying. 

BUT!  There is a good plot in there which is standard Patterson – a serial killer, some drugs, a few bodies, chase scenes, etc.  A couple of the characters are weird but well done – they fit right into the San Francisco I knew years ago. Other characters are nondescript and almost interchangeable.  The four women of the Mystery Club are still developing their individuality.  The tension is masterfully built, but … well,  this is James Patterson.  I wasn’t all that impressed with the reader. 

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