The Match – by Harlan Coben

Having read six (6!) nonfiction books already this month, I really wanted to kick back and read some entertainment and I did that. I usually enjoy Harlan Coben’s books (not always) and this was not one of his best but it was good.

The Match
by Harlan Coben

2022 / (363 pages)
Read by Steven Weber 10h 4m
Rating: C- / mystery thriller – P.I.
(#2 in Wilde series)

Wilde is a 40-something private investigator who was abandoned as a child and lived for years in the forests before being collected and adopted.  This idea starts in book 1 of the series and is more fully explored in this second book. After that part the story is very confusing for awhile and then things clear up.  

There is a private and secret group of various people connected to law enforcement who know each other only as animal names and communicate via computer. They work together to eliminate certain criminals.

 A Reality TV show is upended when a scandal breaks and a star disappears under suspicious circumstances. 

A trial is going on in which Hester is waiting for the verdict regarding a possible but maybe not likely case of self-defense. 

Someone is following Wild and two law enforcement officers are killed.  And a 1st person becomes the primary killer but the reader doesn’t know who that might be.

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