When Einstein Walked With Godel ~ by Jim Holt

This was selected for the All-nonfiction reading group and although I didn’t vote for it thoroughly I enjoyed reading it.  So I’ll likely l be reading it again at least certain chapters. 

When Einstein Walked With Godel: 
Excursions to the Edge of Thought
by Jim Holt – 2018
Read by David Stifel- 15h 19m
Rating:9 /philosophy-math
(both read and listened)

It’s a book of essays by Jim Holt who writes popular science for a number of magazines  The first couple chapters are devoted pretty much to Einstein and Godel but after that many topics are covered from Plato and numbers to relativity to

The essays cover all sorts of things from Plato and numbers to Turing, eugenics, plagiarism, women and “bullshit.”  They’re always fascinating.  He follows Einstein and Godel for about 3 chapters there at the beginning but philosophy and the search for truth (Truth?) has traveled all the way from Plato to Godel and Wittgenstein and Trump and Kellyanne Conway (not quite named) getting up to some recent squabbles in the field and naming ideas.  

I read straight through hitting a snag of sorts in Chapter 5 which gets over my head about mathematics. But then in Chapter 6 I was fine again and continued to the end even rereading a few times. I may give Chapter 5 another shot and some of the other chapters as well. The whole book is fascinating.

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