The Good Detective~ by John McMahon 

This was an Audible Sale purchase, but it had been on my Wish List for a few months.  I’m glad it was on sale because it didn’t grab me particularly. In many ways it’s the same-old, same-old.  It’s quite violent (more than I expected maybe), the set-up was standard and the tension was maxed out.  Maybe I’m tired of the grit and, by now, gratuitous sensationalism. 

The Good Detective
by John McMahon 

2019 / (336 pages)
by Jon Lindstrom 8h 4m
Rating: B-/ procedural / thriller
#1 of P.T. Marsh series  (3 so far) – 

The themes are race/hate crime and police behavior as well as the personal life of the protagonist because it’s book #1 and the protagonist detective has problems. The setting is rural Georgia in contemporary times. 

Anyway, a sleep-over of 3 boys, 2 white and 1 black, ends up with the two visitors going home early. The black boy’s body is found the next day – a horrendous death and P.T. Marsh has to tell his father – the black preacher.  

So Marsh picks up the case and finds it’s sort of related to an old case of his own – personally. He’s partnered now with a new young woman and she’s pretty good. 

 A lot of this is cliched but it has its own twists. The writing is average, but building tension is always primary. There’s a part of me that wants to read some fluff now, to cleanse my palate.  

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