August Snow ~ by Stephen Mack Jones

This was for a challenge to read books with weather in the title.  Someone else in the group said it was good book and it was already in my Wish List. It won several awards in 2020 so … sounds like I could read it.  

August Snow
by Stephen Mack Jones 
Read by Luis Moreno
2020 / – 10h 3m 
Rating: B+ / crime series
 (#1 in the August Snow series)

The eponymous protagonist, August Snow, is an ex cop in Detroit where the story takes place.  He was fired for digging out corruption but won a very large settlement in a subsequent lawsuit.  Now he’s back from Scandinavia where he stayed for awhile.  His parents are deceased but he lives in their home which is in Mexican town part of the city – he himself is half Mexican and half Black.  He doesn’t really want much to do with women because he fell in love in Norway.   

Now a very wealthy woman who was involved in his last investigations has approached him about possible misdeeds in her banking empire. He declines the job offer. A few days later she’s dead supposedly of a suicide but August has his doubts.  So he decides to investigate a bit further using the old police force buddies, those who still believe in him, for assistance.  It’s a very satisfying read if not terribly original. Jones’ use of language is excellent, the dialogue is good, the tension is built masterfully.  It was a bit too gritty for me in places. 

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