The Stolen Hours ~ by Allen Eskers

Eskens has written 6 novels and I’ve read 5 now.  I’ve been deliberately skipping the one about ex-military people. I’ve enjoyed all of them although a couple weren’t quite up to the level of the first two.  They’re mostly pretty different from each other.  

The Stolen Hours
By Allen Eskens
Read by McLeod Andrews, Christine Lakin, Tina Huang
10h 1m
Rating:  A / crime 

Five years ago Lisa S was raped and essentially left for dead.  She managed to get on with life, married and became a prosecuting attorney in Minneapolis. In her year as a clerk in that difficult office she got involved in a case of serial rape and murder of young women. The man who is doing it is rich and angry.  He was involved in Lisa’s rape, too.  

It’s a good yarn – Eskens always provides that.  His characters are somewhat stereotyped a bit, but they’re  believable. The twists are occasionally predictable but sometimes not – like the ending of this book is quite a surprise.  And the tension is very skillfully built.  

The 3 narrators add to the whole and I don’t often enjoy multi-narrator or cast-type productions but this isn’t a cast-type production. 

I’ll likely read his next books but I won’t stand in line waiting. 

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