Twenty-One Days ~ by Anne Perry

I don’t know why I hadn’t tried any of Anne Perry’s books but for some reason I never had.  The English author has been publishing novels since 1979 (43 years?) at the rate of  about 2 a year and they are usually available in the US – I see them on the stands and online. Yes, I know something of her background, but that was childhood – tragic and horrific but, at the age of 15, she was still a child.  I’m really happy with this first book, the first of the Daniel Pitt series, which was published in 2017.

Twenty-One Days
By Anne Perry

2018 / (321 pages)
Read by Samuel Roukin 9h 24m
Rating:  A+ / historical legal mystery
(Daniel Pitt series #1) 

Russell Graves has been found guilty of murdering his wife Ebony and is set to hang in 21 days (hence the title).  His attorney, Daniel Pitt, mostly still believes that Graves didn’t do it. But if not him then who, and can they get this solved before he’s hung in 3 weeks?  It looks like Graves has been set up or framed, but why?  Because he’s currently writing a book telling tales on lots of people, ugly tales. 

Graves is the author of biographies his latest about someone in the spy business. But he himself now has a dead wife. Russell is not a nice man.  He’s arrogant and inconsiderate. He has problems with honesty and ethics.  He’s a natural suspect, but he’s rich so he might well get away with it. But there are probably many people who wish Graves dead so there are plenty of suspects.  It gets twisted. 

I’ll be reading more Anne Perry.  

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