Dog Eat Dog ~ by David Rosenfelt

I enjoyed the Andy Carpenter book I read last month for the Christmas season, but over the years I’ve limited myself, mostly, to the Christmasy Carpenter books. I figured they were about dogs and … well … I’m not a dog lover. But not too long ago I discovered they’re often also usually legal mysteries (I hadn’t noticed that specifically)  so I got to thinking I probably could/should try another one  They’re light, even if the subject is murder, but not fluffy, no romance; they’re funny.  

Dog Eat Dog 
by David Rosenfelt – 2020

Read by Grover Gardner 6h 30m
Rating:  A / legal mystery
#23 in Andy Carpenter Series

This time Andy, with wife and ex-police officer Laurie, were taking their dogs, Tara and Sebastian, for a walk in the park when they see another dog is being beaten by it’s owner and yet another walker has interfered and got the upper hand. All parties are taken away, with the dog going to Andy’s home.  The police have found that Matt Jenson, the dog rescuer, is wanted in Maine for a double murder and that case looks bad.  Andy tells him he’ll help.  This guy is a dog lover, after all!

Andy tells Matt that he’ll help him temporarily, but that takes a turn when Matt’s sister shows up and Andy is in it for the investigation and trial.

Andy is a dog lover and a sports enthusiast as well.  He and Laurie have a 9-year old son who is also sports oriented. And Andy’s rich – very rich.  This is because he inherited a pile of money and won a couple of very lucrative cases.  He tries to be retired but he’s a helper – he gets involved.

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