12 Strays of Christmas ~ by Jacqueline Frost

I hate it when I get suckered into reading a romance.  And this sounded so good.  (I think I might have a better Christmas read coming up and I’ve already finished two better ones so I’m not doing badly for the season.

12 Slays of Christmas 
Jacqueline Frost 
Read by Allyson Ryan
2017 – 8h 16m
Rating:C- /okay for what it is – 

Actually, this is only half romance with the other half being fairly decent mystery.  Holly White’s Christmas has been cancelled due to her fiancé’s abrupt change of heart so she heads back to Mistletoe, Maine where her parents own and operate a Christmas Tree farm complete with vendors.  But oops – on her first day back an older woman of the town is brutally murdered on the farm.  And the sheriff is so cute and eligible.  ? (oh well …sigh).  The mystery is halfway good when it’s not all woven into the romance.  

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