Best in Snow ~ by David Rosenfelt

I’ve been reading the Christmas books in the Andy Carpenter series by David Rosenfelt for a few years now and very much enjoyed them.  I haven’t gone back to the beginning of the series because I’m just not that fond of dog stories and that’s mostly what the early ones anyway deal with.  As I read on that is less and less a part of the whole.  In this book and the last Christmas one there is only one doggie thread per book.  

Best in Snow
by David Rosenfelt
 2021 / 6h 52m
Read by Grover Gardner
Rating:  B /  legal thriller 
(# 24 in the Andy Carpenter series) 

While on a walk in the park a few weeks before Chrisrmas, Andy’s beloved dog Tara finds a human hand and when the rest of the body is dug up it turns out to be the mayor.  Oh dear. 

Next thing we know Andy’s friend Vince asks a favor.  His nephew, Bobby Nash, who as a journalist had problems with the mayor and corruption leaks, was been arrested for the murder of the mayor. Could he please do the honors as defense attorney?  Andy doesn’t want to, doesn’t need the money at all, but … yes, he gets involved. 

After his arrest, young Bobby would be in jail but he was found in his wrecked car, half dead from poison, so he’s very ill and in the hospital.  In the trunk of his car the police found blood as though a body had been stashed there for awhile. But Bobby remembers almost nothing.  And then more people are dead and the who-done-it of it all is very much up in the air. The motive seems to go back to the news articles Bobby wrote.  Andy manages to uncover dangerous suspects and the tension blows hotter. These are not nice guys and Bobby ends up with two murder charges against him.
It gets a bit tangled, but I enjoyed it. These are fun books. I love the courtroom aspect and Rosenthal’s humor.  I think I may try some of his non-Christmas season legal thrillers.   

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