The Twelve Dogs of Christmas by David Rosenfelt

I enjoy the Christmas books of David Rosenfelt but I should try some of the others in the series, too.  I started them a  years ago but gravitated to the Christmas books only and then only in season.  I’m not a big dog fan.  That said,  I enjoy the books so maybe I’ll try some more.  They should probably be read in order to keep abreast of the family happenings but that’s only a wee bit of the plot. It seems to me that the stories are about 90-95% stand-alone and I have an idea of what’s transpired in Andy’s private life to this point. 

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas

By David Rosenfelt 2016 – 

Read by Grover Gardner 6h 17m

Rating –  B +/ legal mystery 

One thing I like about this series is hat there is often lots of courtroom drama. There’s detective work too,  and maybe a wee bit of thriller but not much.  

I also like the humor although it seemed a bit silly at first.  

And the plots are thick and twisty but sometimes they seem to have a bit of the old Deus ex machina in them – Maybe not. ? 

In this book Andy helps an old friend who keeps unwanted puppies for adoption. She is arrested for shooting and killing her neighbor who had earlier taken her to court about the dogs. But the story goes way deeper than that because she’s soon also charged with killing her husband a few years back.  This isn’t a cozy, but there isn’t any graphic violence and there’s quite a lot of courtroom drama.

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