Just My Luck ~ by Adele Parks

The book was on sale, a relatively recent release, and had decent reviews. Okay fine and it is pretty good – compelling and page-turning anyway.   

Just My Luck
by Adele Parks 

2021 / 12h 50m 
Read by Louise Brealey & Kristin
Rating: B  / thriller-suspense

Three couples, very close friends, have teamed up to play the lottery every week for 15 years but  after things getting tense for awhile, one night the friendship hits the skids. The next week one couple, the least prosperous, wins the lottery on their own playing the same numbers the group has played for years and they win about 13 million pounds. 

The trouble is that everyone (teens and all) many are jealous and want in on the win.  Also, they may all be best friends, but there are certainly a lot of secrets amongst the three couples, with no one being pure.  So they tear each other to pieces and everyone is affected.
First the old friends claim they were still in on the group play. Then other things happen, or are revealed, building the tension nicely.  The characters each have very different responses to the win.  Jake, the husband, who is having an affair with one of the women friends starts spending and giving money to relatives rather recklessly.  Lexie, Jake’s wife, who knows about the woman, works in social services and gives money to a favorite client.  Emily, their 15-year old daughter, spends money furiously and doesn’t want to go to school, gets beaten up by some friends, and worries she’s pregnant while her boyfriend kind of dumps her. Logan, their son, doesn’t really change a lot but he’s only 11.  

But things do change, the family is not necessarily safe, things turn violently criminal and then come the twists.  It’s a genuaine thriller after it gets started. 

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