All Her Little Secrets ~ by Wanda M Morris

 Elise Littlejohn, a Black, middle-aged, single attorney, has managed to climb to the top via a quality education, hard work, and determination. She has gone from her origins in rural Georgia to the executive floors of an important corporate head office  located in Atlanta.  One day she goes in to work early and finds her boss dead on the floor in his office.  In shock, she exits immediately and plays dumb in her own office.  At first it looks like suicide – or so office rumor has it. But the police ask questions. 

All Her Little Secrets 
by Wanda M Morris 

2021 / (384 pages)
Read by Susan Dalian 11h 40m
Rating B / crime – thriller 

Just to twist things up, although he was married and white, that boss, Michael, was also Elise’s secret lover of many years. And then her troubled younger brother is involved. 

 This started a bit slow but it was all cranked up by 1/2 way mark and I kept listening. Then it got pretty juicy.  And I kept listening.  The narrator was an excellent choice. And by the end I was quite satisfied. 
This is a debut novel and I suppose that shows but I’ll be looking for another one by Morris. 

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