The Sentence is Death ~ by Anthony Horowitz

I’m not a huge fan of Anthony Horowitz but I have enjoyed three of his prior mysteries, each from a different series.  The Magpie Murders ,The Word Is Murder, and Moonflower Murders  These are in two short but different series (out of five). 

The Sentence is Death
by Anthony Horowitz
 2017 / 
Read by Rory Kinnear 8h 56m
Rating:  B+/ mystery  

The Sentence is Death is the second book in The Word is Murder series featuring author Horowitz and PI Hawthorne.  

 Horowitz, a writer by trade,  is hired by Hawthorne, a private investigator,  to write about Hawthorne’s investigation into the death of Richard Pryce, a celebrity divorce lawyer.  Yes, Horowitz plays Watson to Hawthorne’s Sherlock.  (I love Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson as written by AC Doyle. Fearing disaster, I was very late coming to this show but I don’t read any other Sherlock Holmes spins and there are dozens.  But I really enjoyed The Magpie Murders which features Susan Ryeland, an editor, as the protagonist so I opened myself up to The Word Is Murder, the first in this series.  

I have yet to read the two books which actually are Sherlock Holmes spins using the great detective himself.  
So — back to The Sentence is Death, who killed Richard Price?  Hawthorne is called and he calls Horowitz to help with the investigation and write a book. 
For the most part, this is an old-fashioned mystery so the clues start dropping in Chapter 2.  An expensive but broken bottle of wine next to the victim who was a tee-totaler, numbers painted in green on the wall, and a nasty note apparently from a noted feminist writer.
Hawthorne and Horowitz go out interviewing and putting clues together with Horowitz’s 1st person account.  

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