Parrot Talk ~ by David B. Seaburn

Oh my.  Recommended by a friend and it’s hard when you don’t much care for something a friend recommended. That said,  I have a strong feeling the book might be 100% better in print format because it felt to me like it was the narrator who affected me so adversely. There were parts which really were quite funny and I did keep going in spite of the narrator.

Parrot Talk
by David B. Seaburn

Read by Sean Lenhart 8h 3m
Rating: 7 (narration – 3) / gen fic

Like a prologue but Chapter 1, Milly  is an older woman who dies alone in Pittsburgh. She has left behind a few friends, a few possessions and an African grey parrot named Paul. One of her most special possessions was a picture of two boys.

So in Chapter 2,  Lukie and Grinder are middle-aged brothers who live a road-trip away. Luke is married but Grinder is alone. They haven’t heard from their mother in over 30 years. Milly abandoned them and their drunken, abusive father about 30+ years ago and they really know nothing about her.

But they are contacted about her death by Jackie, one of Millie’s friends, and asked to come fetch “Paul.” What they don’t know is that Paul is a valuable talking, grey African parrot.  With some time for a bit of road-trip adventure as well as reader background, the pair gets to Pittsburgh where the actual story continues.  

There is a definite heart-warming aspect to the tale but for me, the narration almost ruined the whole thing.

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