The Shadow District ~ by Arnaldur Indridason,

I’ve read several of Indridason’s books and discovered this available at the library.  So I got it. Just before I remembered that Matrix by Lauren Groff was released today. Oh dear.  So now I’ve got them both.  How to read two books at the same time, I don’t know.  The Indridason book is a fast paced Nordic thriller and I’m very interested in Matrix.  

The Shadow District: A Thriller
By Arnaldur Indridason, 2017
Read by George Guidall 8h 52m
Rating B / Nordic crime  
(The Flovent and Thorson Thrillers Book 1 of 2)

An old man is found dead in his apartment. His neighbor checks, finds the body and calls the police.  It looks like he’s had a heart attack in his sleep, but the coroner said he was smothered with his pillow. This is Reykjavík, Iceland present day.  The investigator is Konrad, a retired detective who has been  restless and kind of “helps out” with old cases.  A woman named Marta who works these cases is Konrad’s old partner. She tells him about this case and it turns out he is very familiar with it, but he keeps mum and starts looking into it.   

Time change to WWII era when the body of a young woman is found behind a theater in Reykjavik.. The finders are a US soldier and his date. The soldier makes them hurry away but they were seen by an older woman passing by. 
There is a  connection in that the old dead man had news clippings of the WWII murder which was 70 years prior. Konrad is intrigued and the reader tries to put the stories together.  

The book starts out great but as the threads get tangled so do the time frames with all the different characters. More information is also added and my interest got annoyed.  I kept reading and it did clear up but it took awhile.  Fwiw, I don’t like what I consider to be a “deus ex machina” in the resolution of the plot. 

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