The Wreck ~ by Landon Beach

Bought on sale –  mostly stupid.  Too much fluff and too much romance. Eventually there turns out to be a mystery and then some murders and then a thriller type ending. The reason I got it was probably because of Scott Brick.

The Wreck
by Landon Beach 
2020 / 
Read by Scott Brick 7h 9m
Rating – C / crime 

Nate Martin, a high school science teacher by trade, is on vacation with his wife at Lake Ontario where he at least partly grew up.  While walking on the beach he finds an unusual coin. A bit of research shows it to be a French coin from the 17th century.  

Meanwhile, some super-rich have found the area and are busily gentrifying it.  One of the new residents gets word about the coin find and wants to see if he can get in on anything worth any money.  He sends his lawyer, who has problems of his own, to check. 

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