A Deadly Influence ~ by Mike Omer

Another on-sale book.  I buy these sometimes in case I hit a lag for some reason I’d have a good crime mystery to keep me busy.  I’ve never read this author before but the Audible blurb made it sound like a good thriller from 2020.  It is that. 

A Deadly Influence
by Mike Omer 

2020 / (443 pages)
Read by Jesse Vilinsky and Fajer Al-Kaisi Rating:  B+ / crime-thriller 
(1st in a series)

Abby (Abihail) Mullen is a hostage negotiator with the NYPD.  One night a very old and distanced friend Eden Fletcher, calls her, hysterical, because Eden’s 7-year old son has been kidnapped. The women were connected at a difficult, tragic time in their pasts. Today they both have difficult private lives but everything has to be put far aside to take care of this immediate problem which leads into all sorts of thrills, chills and side trips.  

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