The Department of Sensitive Cases ~ by Alexander McCall Smith

Cozy almost to the point of silly, but Alexander McCall Smith, who writes The Ladies #1 Detective Agency series, is fun for me.  It took me some time to get into the mood of the story and the character of Ulf Varg.  Varg is a rather mellow detective and can handle things which the Swedish criminal justice system finds tricky – the “sensitive cases.” 

The Department of Sensitive Cases
by Alexander McCall Smith

Read by David Rintout 7h 15m
Rating:  B+ / humor

There are similarities to the Detective Agency books, but this series takes place in Sweden instead of Botswana and the protagonist is male. Also, Sensitive Cases is funnier in its own way. 

In this sequence of cases, the first book in a new series, there is a girl who invents a boyfriend who then goes missing. And there’s the case of the man who is stabbed in the back of his knee. And there’s the case of the missing girl who has too many very real boyfriends.  And there’s the case of the woman with a lover or the lover with a woman … 

It’s fun – the main pleasure is the characters who are all quirky and amusing, but some are more lovable than others.  

I enjoyed it as a zero-stress book, but it’s probably not for everyone.  (The Detective Agency books are much better but please, read them in order!)

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