While Justice Sleeps – by Stacey Abrams

Legal thriller – yay!  Narrator – omg.  

While Justice Sleeps
By Stacey Abrams
2021 / 
Read by Adenrele Ojo  14h 55m
Rating -story B+ / narration D 
Legal thriller 

Although the customer reviews at Audible told me over and over that the narration was atrocious, there were some without such an adverse reaction. I really wanted to listen to this book – (reading book font is usually difficult for me).  I’ve listened to a LOT of books and I can usually adjust to the narrator,  so I gave it a try.  

Yes – the narrator did a horrible on this one. She’s narrated quite a number of books and I don’t know if they all have the same problem, but in  While Justice Sleeps she “over-distinguishes” each voice plus “overdramatizes” any possibility of tension and “over-emotes” as well.  On top of that, she’s not very good at male voices.  

 I was almost able to “get used to it” but some annoyance was always there. That said,  I finished the book and the story gets very good starting at about 1/3.  It did for me anyway.  

Judge Winn of the Supreme Court is old and sick and now he’s in a coma having been poisoned (or  attempted suicide).   He and his son have been estranged for many years and he is separated pending a divorce from his second wife.  As Winn trusts no one. He previously gave Power of Attorney to his clerk, Avery Keene but it was secret from everyone – the envelope was opened at the onset of his coma.  Keene is the daughter of Rita, a drunk, and she managed to make her way through law school at Princeton and o to a clerkship with a member of the Supreme Court.  

Judge Winn was not a likable man.  He generally ignored Avery and in his last speech said really vile and violent things about the President who disagrees with Winn’s stand on some international issues.  

But now Homeland Security and the FBI are after Avery as being a national security threat and what do you know – she may be.  

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