The Maine Mutiny ~ by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

This is a nice, light, cozy mystery developed from the TV show of bygone years.  There are 55 books in the series now with another one coming up (supposedly).  I enjoy those written by Donald Bain, but I’ve not tried enough of the others to say.  

Murder She Wrote: The Maine Mutiny
by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain
2005 –
Read by Cynthia Darlow 7h 5m (2010)
Rating: B+ / mystery series
(#23 in Murder She Wrote series)

If you don’t know, the protagonist is Jessica Fletcher a retired and widowed school teacher who now writes very successful mystery novels. She still lives in a small town in Maine.  In the books she’s also a 1st person narrator.  But the books have been written by different ghost writers usually Jon Land and Donald Bain.  

This year the Lobster Association  of Cabot Cove have an issue with providing lobsters to the town festival. Tempers flare at their meeting and some violence and harassment and assault happens afterwards a few days. Angela can’t help but investigate. She wakes up in a boat out at sea to find there’s a dead man along.  And that’s enough for here. 

It was a whole lot better than I expected and I may read more of these Murder She Wrote books.  Cynthia Darlow is an excellent reader and reads quite as number of them.  

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