Landslide ~ by Michael Wolff

This book is so funny.  And it’s marginally informative, too, but I don’t think that’s the point.  That’s not really why I read it anyway.  And it’s funny only until you think about it.  

Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency  
by Michael Wolff 
Read by Holter Graham 11h 11m
Rating – 8 / current eve
nts – 

It’s all true (or as true as most of these books are),  but the way Michael Wolff writes it, and Graham Holter accentuates the funny parts increases that aspect.  Remember, or imagine again, the sight of Rudy Giuliani with hair dye running down his cheek – that would have been funny at the time if it hadn’t been so pathetic and we didn’t know how it would end. Trump  was (and still is) believing that the election had been stolen via a variety of possibilities and his teams were conducting investigations of investigations plus lawsuits.Those elements plus the clown-train/train wreck appeal of Rudy Guiliani and the mental machinations of Sydney Powell (one of Trump’s “independent” lawyers) make for near slap-stick – until it doesn’t.  

So the thing is to just laugh along with the joke and don’t think, because if you take think about it, this shit-show could be seriously scary. I mean this is the man who supposedly holds the keys to the nukes and he’s got a lot of his own guys placed in high positions ready to follow orders – groveling to be able to follow orders.

Thankfully the immediacy has passed and we’re only left to grieve the thousands dead from the   Coronavirus which Trump tried to ignore and dealt with via pure incompetance thinking only of the politics.

The scary part now is how powerful will Trump continue to be in Republican politics and how long will this new wave of Coronavirus last – how many more will die.  

But overall it was a relief to laugh about the bumblings of Trump and his Three Stooges administration though. It was sad/scary to realize the man hasn’t changed a whit – he might have, as he said recently, “gotten worse.”   And now we don’t know how it ends. 

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4 Responses to Landslide ~ by Michael Wolff

  1. Keith says:

    Thanks for sharing. As I read this, the thought of the overt deceitful actions and words of the former president would be funny, if they were not so scary that too many believe him. The people that make me most frustrated are the sycophants and rationalizers who enable the deceit. Keith


    • You bet, Keith! And the book was funny up until the end where you didn’t know what the heck would happen next because that former guy hasn’t changed a bit and he’s still got his minions and he still draws the angry crowds.


      • Keith says:

        Becky, agreed. I like to use Occam’s Razor which says with all things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually correct. So, the question for the MAGA crowd, is it easier to believe every critic of the former president just does not like him or is it easier to believe a well-documented untruthful person is lying yet again? Keith


  2. You betcha – and he’s not going to stop. The most slack I can give him is that he is living in an alternate reality. In other words, he’s gone mad.


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