The Silence of the Grave ~ by Arnaldur Indriðason.

It felt like I needed a break from the violence but I sure didn’t get it with this book.  I guess I knew I wouldn’t this being a Scandi-noir but it doesn’t require a lot of analytic thinking so … 

The Silence of the Grave 
by Arnaldur  Indriðason. 
2005 into English by Bernard Scudder
Read by George Guidall 8h 20m
Rating: A- 
#2 in Reykjav
ik Murder Mysteries, 

Detective Erlendur Sveinsson, the protagonist for the eponymous series, is called to a construction site in Reykjavik where human bones have been just been discovered at a birthday party held in a home nearby. The bones are 70 years old but the effects are present day. Meanwhile, Erlender’s daughter is having a lot of problems.  

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