The Man Who Died ~ by Antti Tuomainen

This is another book I got at the last Audible sale. I’d had this on my Wish List for several months already, but just hadn’t done anything about it and then it pops up on the sale.  I probably had it on the Wish List because it’s a Finnish author and I have a soft spot for them.  

The Man Who Died 
by Antti Tuomainen
Translated from Finnish by David Hackston
Read by Kris Dyer 9h 17m
Rating:  8/A-:  comic literary crime  

Shortlisted for the Petrona Award for Best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year***

***Shortlisted for the CrimeFest Last Laugh Award***

 One fine day the married but childless Jaako Kaunismaa, age 37, is told by his doctor that he is being poisoned to death and has only a few days or weeks, or who knows how long, to live. It’s too late. Jaako owns a successful mushroom company in Hamina, Finland, where he and his employees harvest and pack the the edible Matsutake mushrooms and then sell them to Japanese buyers. 

Needless to say, Jaako’s first concern is to find out who is murdering him. 
 After the doctor gives him this dreadful news, Jaako goes home to see and tell his wife Dinah where he finds her on the patio with Petri, the company van driver.  Dinah is naked, bouncing naked on Petri’s young firm body. These are two prime suspects, but Jaako manages to say nothing; he sneaks back out. 
Later that day Jaako finds out that there’s a new mushroom company in town and they’re bent on driving Jaako out of business.  One trusted employee tells him she’s been offered double the salary and that night Dinah tells him Petri needs a new van.  Jaako starts investigating and it gets even more complicated when an employee of the other company falls on a Samari sword. 

I have to just say that this is darkly hilarious – noir Finlander.  
This is an amazing book – it’s dark and funny and very different from any crime novel I’ve read prior.  Themes?  Oh – poisoning, adultery, 
An odd thing is that I have relatives named Reimo and Jaako and I think others so that was weird.

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