A Gentleman’s Murder ~ by Christopher Huang

This book started out so good – and then there got to be too many characters which, because I thought to take notes, ended up being okay.  But then there were so many things happening that between the “too many’s I got confused.  

A Gentleman’s Murder
by Christopher Huang 
2020 / 
Read by Raphael Corkhill 11h 52m Rating – B
/ historical mystery 

The Britannia Club was almost home to young gentlemen in London, most of whom, in 1924,  were just back from the war or something approximating that experience.  The men at this club are also upper middle class and they come to eat, play cards, read, chat, smoke, and even sleep on occasion. The trouble is there are a number of them and they’re similar in surface ways so I got mixed up and made a little list: 

* Eric Peterkin – an editor who reads manuscripts
* Avery Ferrit  – Eric’s friend – his family is part Chinese (mom?) 
* Old Faithful (Cully)  – older man at club, in charge of stuff
* Edward Aldershot on the 5-member board of directors,
* Mortimer Wolfe – 30+ forever, on the board, gambler, rude, drugs, brags, 
* Albert Benson – a conscientious objector in the war, club member, economical – 
* Oliver Saxon – a member who spoke up for Benson, older and odd, Son of an Earl
* Jacob Bradshaw – club member – enters later  
* Norris –  club member. Always very cheerful.  

The Club members are almost all vets and somewhat racist (exclusionary, elitist, rude) by our standards but was common enough to be generally acceptable in 1924-’25.  

And then there are other characters: 
* Avery ____ friend of Eric 
* Martha – Aldershot’s wife and Saxon’s cousin – not officially allowed in the club. 
* Emily Ang – a Chinese maid but a qualified nurse and disappeared/murdered?  
* Penny – Eric’s sister
* Horatio Parker – Detective Inspector – (name on medical report which went missing).
* Helen Benson –  Benson’s wife – living at Southerly Manner
* Mr Bolieu – in manager’s office at theater?
* Andrew Southeby – owner of the eponymous hospital – 

And there are more characters I’m not even writing down.  
**  Huang – https://ricordius.wordpress.com

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