Some Choose Darkness ~ by Charlie Donlea

I don’t know what I expected but this was a bit more on the rough side than I readily enjoy.  I’m not fond of anonymous serial killer books with fictional ones more objectionable.  That said, I got hooked into it because it’s a lot more than chases and shootouts.  The plot develops very nicely, twistedly. The character development is good. The structure works well with the story. The writing is adequate.  And everything pretty much works together to masterfully build the tension.  

Some Choose Darkness
By Charlie Doniea
Read by Nina Alvamar 
Rating B+ / crime 

What helps and makes everything worse at the same time, is that the prisoner was Rory’s father’s client and when he died suddenly she said she’d take some of his work and distribute it. But because he is also getting out of prison she agrees to help the police. 

 Rory Moore is a “forensic reconstructionist” which means she takes cold cases and resolves them using details and knowledge plus some intuition.  She’s very good at it because of her almost photographic memory and keen cognitive skills. Technically she’s a licensed attorney but doesn’t practice except for working with the police department from time to time.  

In 2019 there’s a man due to be released from prison but it’s not a good idea because he’s guilty of a lot more than he was actually charged with.  Back in the summer of 1979 there was a spate of murders in Chicago and only by way of a really rather odd but young autistic woman,  was the murderer captured – but only charged with the death of one.  He’s now being released on parole identified.  Angela Mitchell, the woman involved, might still be around somewhere, but she’s been missing for several decades – since 1980? She and Rory have a similar psychology.  

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